Shane Labelle

  • Photographer
  • Director
  • Cinematographer

My name is Shane Labelle,

I am a Filmmaker & Photographer who grew up in Western Canada and currently live in Vancouver, BC. My goal is to use light and shadow to help tell stories, whether it be for a client looking to elevate their brand, or for a personal project that burns inside of me.

My style can be described as cinematic and dream-like. I have been heavily inspired by my favorite films which leads me to be drawn to the darker and more mysterious parts of life.

Why Choose Me?


Experienced in all forms of photography, lighting, editing, etc.


The ability to manage large groups of craftsman to bring a unified vision to life.


The ability to craft light to convey story and emotion.


Taking all the pieces and compiling them into something beautiful and unique.


Taking moving images to the next level with the power of Davinci Resolve.


The most important part of telling a great story is a great idea.

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